- Fine Meats Since 1921 -

In 1921, Fulton first opened as a delicatessen on Portland’s Macadam Avenue. After rapid growth, our enterprise expanded by selling portioned beef cuts directly to restaurants throughout the Northwest. This historic photo shows Fulton employees cutting steaks and preparing meats for restaurant our partners. 

Sustainability & Green Initiatives

- Committed to Making a Positive Impact -

Supplying Food Responsibly

We know that consumers are increasingly concerned with where their food comes from, how it was raised, and what impact these products will have on their lives and well-being. We strive to use industry best practices to supply food products that meet the high standards of safety, quality, and traceability.

Our programs in sustainable and safely sourced food, paired with our participation in green technologies, help us to achieve our goal of being good stewards of our resources. We greatly value our strong relationships with ranchers, processors, foodservice peers and influencers. We interact with these partners through various platforms, maintaining open dialogue on important issues in our industry. We will continue to further refine our strategy, reduce our environmental footprint and increase our positive social impact, all the while looking for new, innovative ways to further embed sustainability into our culture and business.

Green Projects

We employ proven methods and technologies to better utilize our resources. Here are projects we have completed to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Installed LED & High Efficiency Florescent Lighting 
  • Optimized Motor Driven Equipment using Variable Frequency Drives 
  • Reduced Water Waste Using Water-Chilling Systems in Packaging Equipment
  • Cardboard Boxes have a Minimum 35% Post-Consumer Waste