Portioned Beef Steaks

- High-Quality & Fresh Cut for Foodservice Operators -

We're a custom steak cutting shop and controlling portions is our mastery. Our craftsmen hand-cut finely aged meat to put superior steaks on the center of your plate. Restaurants that use a portion controlled steak program benefit from reduced preparation labor, consistent sizing, extended shelf life, and most importantly eliminated trimming waste. That's because our production facility is streamlined for efficiencies, employs QA professionals, embraces the best packaging, and minimizes by-product. Every steak in our facility is cut with meticulous detail by accomplished professionals. We strive to ensure your restauant patrons always return for a memorable steak experience. 

Ground Chuck Patties

- A Great Burger Patty, Every Time -

You need a simple, soul-satisfying burger, something beefy and juicy that stands up against the atrocities of the ordinary burger. Your menu needs a burger with a sense of adventure, one so outrageously good it builds allegiances to a loyal fanbase. Here at Fulton Provision Company, we are enthusiasts, quality gurus, and innovators of crave-worthy chuck patties. We never compromise quality by using fillers, frozen ingredients, untraceable table trimmings, or artificial ingredients of any kind. Fulton patties are the real deal because we always produce them from fresh, high-quality beef chuck. Our unique processing methods give our patties a hand-formed look accompanied with a tender steak-like bite. Quality, integrity, and food safety are the most important components of our patties. It means everything to us to produce a product you can proudly serve.

Bulk Ground Beef

- Chubs & Free Fall -

The popular case-ready solution to your bulk ground beef needs comes fresh off our grinder in free fall packages or tube-shaped chubs. We believe our product should taste as fresh as the day it was made, which is why we use the best oxygen barrier packaging for maximizing shelf life. Ordering chubs or free fall is a convenient and economical way to save time by purchasing in bulk.


- Indulge in Fresh, All-Natural Pork from Carlton Farms -

Fulton Provision Company produces a full line of pork products sourced from Oregon-based Carlton Farms, which is known for supporting local farmers and supplying the freshest, natural pork in the Pacific Northwest. The expertise we have with hand-crafting their pork leaves no doubt about what quality, flavor, and customer satisfaction is all about. 

Dry-Aged Beef

- Steak that Plays Hide & Seek with Robust, Nutty, and Rich Flavor Profiles -

We know you just don't want a steak, you want a great one! Therefore, we put these bone-in striploins into our state-of-the-art dry-aging room four weeks ago. When the dry-aged steaks make it to the center of the plate, your restaurant patrons will experience the unique flavors of steak greatness.

Dry-aging is the process by which whole cuts of beef are kept in a precise temperature and humidity controlled environment. Throughout the dry-age cycle, moisture is slowly drawn out of the meat leaving concentrated, robust beef flavors behind. The meat's natural enzymes work to break down connective tissues which produce a steak with noticeable tenderness and flavor.

Lamb & Veal

- Quality from the Pasture to the Plate -

We partnered with the industry leaders of lamb and veal to bring the best options to your plate. Whether succulent lamb chops, or fork-tender Osso Bucco, we have the center of the plate options that will make your menu unrivaled. 




Fulton Provision Company believes in the kinder side of veal. Which is why our program only sources from tether-free, group raised environments. We know that sourcing veal from improved livestock conditions puts healthier and more responsible products on your plate. 




We offer a unique fully integrated lamb program that caters to all your needs. Whether raised in the pastures of the US, or on the hillsides of New Zealand, Fulton's lamb program offers value without compromising quality. Our Domestic Lamb is pasture-grazed then grain finished for an exceptionally mild and buttery taste. For that classic lamb flavor, we also offer free range Imported Lamb that flourishes on a diet of wild grasses.